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Jennifer Tassell, Tiger Turf
We find the HR advice line is by far the most valuable aspect of our Chamber membership.  TigerTurf does not employ a HR Manager so having access to a HR expert to help with difficult employee issues is fantastic.  The team running the advice line are excellent and are always happy to talk through any issue however ‘simple’. They ensure that we have considered every aspect of any situation and are acting in a fair and reasonable way. Having confirmation from a HR professional that we are doing the right thing really helps
Andy Miller, MD, Academy Cinema's
The team at HR Toolkit have been extraordinarily helpful. Between their informative courses and their confident advice, they've been a great support in shaping our HR strategy and a team atmosphere
Donna Perreau, Financial Manager and Computer Network Solutions Ltd
I started using the HRtoolkit early this year and found their resources completely relevant to our NZ Business.  I have streamlined our company policies, procedures, forms and employee handbook using their user-friednly documents.  Their HR Advice staff are knowledgable, helpful and very supportive to what can be a very stressful time for an employer.  I would strongly recommend this service to anyone.

Stephan Hauke, Domino International Ltd

The comprehensive information provided by HRtoolkit has been extremely helpful.  It has been a pleasure dealing with an HR company that is able to provide specific answers to specific questions, involving rather complex and diverse HR issues. The service you and your company is providing offers an ideal solution to small businesses without HR expertise and assistance to large companies with HR personnel. Thank you very much for your professional help, support and assistance.

Chantal van Rooy, Action Panelbeaters

A special thanks to you and John in assisting us with the recent HR issues.
It is great to be able to access HR issues through a trusted advocate.

Customer Survey responses (June 2012)

I think it's a great all-round resource for all my HR requirement

HR Toolkit are exceptionally good value in relation to the moderate cost

You are a godsend for us, always available when required (which fortunately is infrequently)

I've had dealings with employment lawyers before and the value I got from HR Toolkit is significantly better AND their expertise is unparalleled. They take the fear factor of employing staff out of starting a small business.

There wasn't a second of wasted time either on the phone or in person. HR Toolkit has actually made me think differently about lawyers - they're such generalists, that it must be harder for them to stay up to speed with every piece of legislation they work across. A specialist like HR Toolkit on the other hand, is able to focus on just one area

We managed a mass redunancy and the proposal templates took a lot of the stress away

I haven't needed one-on-one help but the documentation and form letters have been great. A real time saver 

The advice was exemplary, the service extreme..

It was all good...the online tools, combined with the personal advice and preparation of customised agreements

Professor Bill Hodge, University of Auckland, Faculty of law

" I was recently involved (as a mediator) in a major employment dispute with Lisa Mackay of HRtoolkit on one side and a top employment barrister on the other.  We reached a successful conclusion, in what is sometimes called a win-win outcome.  From my point of view, as a mediator, it is always a pleasure to work with the top people in the field who give their clients sound advice, enabling a fair and cost effective result." 

Evan Donnelly, Owner of Domestically Challenged

I am having a glorious time going through the site, got loads of templates to personalise, you have made this all so much easier!!!!

Helen O'Sullivan, Crockers Property Management

Lisa, these are really useful documents, I can't help feeling that this is excellent value for money.   Thanks!

Jim Janse, Director, Panoview Ltd
This is perfect Lisa.  Thank you.  You are giving me a lot of value and my team are appreciating the professionalism in my employment approach.  Even the Code of Conduct is putting a sense of orderliness into the business.  Many thanks.

Dane Fuller, Owner Healthy Weight Ltd
Thanks a lot Lisa – you’re a star

Yes any new employment agreements or changes to them I will be coming to you and/or the HR toolkit first!

This has been a good experience and I am very glad to have met you as I know you will be a very good resource in the future to prevent/minimize any more of these issues. I know I had to go thru this to learn that so that’s the benefit!

Jamie Nelson, GetIThere
"your a great resource"

Andrew Seerden, COO Revera
“Lisa is an outstanding no-nonsense HR executive who gets things done, even if that means she has to go the extra mile in terms of time, travel or whatever is required. I worked with her at Virtuoso Group, and she stood out for her customer focus and commitment!”

Mike Thorburn, MD ECC
Thanks Lisa, you did a really good job, very professional during a difficult period, and yes, keeping me in line as well!!

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