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I need to cut staff costs

The wages expenditure is the biggest single cost centre in virtually any business and as such it needs to be effectively managed.

The HRtoolkit team have extensive experience in restructuring SME's in New Zealand.  As such they are able to work with you to maximise the utilisation of your existing staff resources, maximise cost reductions, and all whilst minimising the impact on your management and staff.

If you are thinking about restructuring call 0800 Chamber (24 26 23) and they can help you with the basic advice and pass you onto the necessary consultant if you need more specialist support. 

Redundancies and restructuring do tend to be the most litigious aspect of employment law and will often require a degree of hands on support, but even if this is only few hours to review documents this can save you from a lot of legal problems and expenses down the line.  Click here to find out about are rates and services.





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