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I need to improve staff performance

If your staff are not performing to the best of their ability this will cost you in terms of lost productivity, additional pressure on other staff that have to pick up the slack and stress on you worrying about how to deal with it.

Just think, 10 minutes per day of wasted time equates to over 40 hours per year!

It’s even more valuable if you can get an employee to voluntarily work extra hard for you. They will think nothing of working an extra 30 minutes a day because they want to i.e. 120 hours per year. 

An effective performance appraisal system, clearly defined job descriptions, clear code of conduct are essential tools in getting your staff to 'gift' you that extra 30 minutes.

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We also offer hands on support from an HR professional on an as required basis.  Details about the fees for this service can be found on our prices page.

Let us help you get the best out of your team (and probably improve your profitability!). 






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