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  • Yes, the documents cover your legal requirements as an employer.
  • Legal jargon isn't necessary. All the documents contained on this site meet your legal requirements, and have the added bonus of being written in plain English.
  • A team of highly skilled HR professionals who all have many years of experience working within the HR profession.
  • If your basic assumption as an employer is to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself, then you are 99% of the way there! But if you need more help we are happy to provide this on a quote per job basis.
  • Unfortunately can't give you that guarantee. An employee always has the legal right to bring a grievance- even if you have followed an absolutely 100% legal process before, during and after the employment.

    However, if you follow the advice and templates within this website you will significantly reduce the risk of an employee bringing a grievance, and you will have a very strong legal defense in the event that it does go wrong.
  • Send us through a suggestion/request and we will try our hardest to provide you with something that suits your needs
  • We don't want any unhappy customers. Please contact us immediately if you have any issues and we will happily look at ways to resolve this as quickly as possible.
  • Yes, we will very happily provide hands on support, click the link to find out more about our services or give us a call on 0800 CHAMBER (24 26 23)

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