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I need employment agreements and job descriptions

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In NZ it is a legal requirement to have an written employment agreement and job description.  At HRtoolkit we provide a wide range of employment contract templates and a job description template with a wide range of job description phrases which will enable you to quickly and easily fulfil your legal obligations.  We also have a comprehensive Independent contractor agreement if you wish to employ on a contract rather than direct employed basis.

The HRtoolkit is an extensive, legally complaint on-line document library of practical document and tools which will enable you to resolve the majority of HR issues including:  

  • Employment agreements,
  • Guidance on which employment agreement is most suitable for you
  • An Independant contractor agreement
  • A template to help you write your own job description, along with sample words for the job description

As a Chamber of Commerce member you get free unlimited phone support, just call 0800 Chamber (24 26 23) to access this service, or submit the form below and we will call you back.  

We also offer hands on support from an HR professional on an as required basis.  Details about the fees for this service can be found on our prices page.





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